On April 11, 2013 I was enticed with a proposition by my phantasmagorical boss, the “messenger from god,” to take on the “Yes Man”-esque challenge of attending any free event that was offered in the Bowling Green, KY area for one month, no questions asked. At first I was wary of the task, but once my partner in crime, “Noble Red” joined the enterprise I was gung-ho to see the mission to its completion.

If you have stumbled upon this eccentrically titled blog I’m sure that you were slightly baffled, so I will attempt to alleviate your confusion. My name, Lowell Neeper, is an oddity in itself. Lowell comes from the Old French Lovell (lo-VELL) meaning “young wolf”. My last name, Neeper, has its roots with the Scotch-Irish and means “potato farmer”. My best friend, Mitchell Read, has a far more manageable name. The name Mitchell has Hebrew origins and means “who is like god?”. His middle name, Allen, is Celtic and means “noble”. Read is simply a rendition of the Old English “red”. I hope that I have mitigated any potential confusion about the origins of the blog title and hope that you will join me on this quest.

-Young-Wolf, Potato Farmer signing off


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